To say that he is extremely driven and ambitious would be an understatement.  His accomplishments already include a season of Shakespeare In Love on stage in Columbia, an episode in Jane the Virgin on TV in the US and,  has been complimented by one of his actor idols Al Pacino.   He is also a producer, a model, YouTuber, a former athlete, and a piano player and let’s face it, is sexy as hell.  He calls himself “a jack of all trades and a master of many”.

He comes from a family of intellectuals, musicians and writers and has spent his entire life exploring his deepest desires as an artist.  He taught himself English at a young age in order to pursue his acting career in America.  His dream is to win the Oscar and credits his drive to his mother who called him her “wonder kid”.   “I can’t ever sit still, I don’t take naps, I don’t watch TV.  I’m focused 100% and I try to find joy in everything I do.  I’m very picky as to where I invest my time.   Often times my friends judge me because I tend to do a lot, but I explain that it’s deeper than me.”

Today Andrés resides in Los Angeles where he actively pursues his career as a model and actor. Cool America is watching you Andrés.


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