Ally Brook, best known as a member of female pop group Fifth Harmony, has been incredibly busy lately. From winning Lip Synch Battle versus her Fifth Harmony group mates to singing with Plácido Domingo and releasing a new single with DJ Topic earlier this year, Ally is showing no signs of slowing down. I was lucky enough to get some time in her busy schedule to talk about why she decided to become a singer, her burgeoning acting career and her love life.

What made you want to be a singer?

I was in elementary school and I was just singing when my third-grade teacher overheard me and told my parents “Hey, your daughter can really sing.” So, then I got into this local performing arts organization in San Antonio, my home. I ended up being on stage for the first time when I was 9 years old and performed by myself. And I was like: “This is just so much fun. I feel like a different person. This is what I want to do.” So at the age of 9, I just got this feeling like this is so incredible and nothing else makes me feel like performing does.

Does anyone else in your family sing?

No, no, no. Well…my dad never sang, but he actually can sing. He does really amazing, strong impersonations of Elvis Presley and different singers. He’s actually so good! So, I feel like I get my singing talent from my dad and his side of the family. My dad can definitely carry a tune, but he’s shy and never wanted to go into music.

You have been incredibly busy during the last year. What has been the most rewarding experience for you in the last year?

Hmmm…Oh my goodness. I’m really just so proud of this song I just did. It just came out. It’s a collaboration with this European producer and DJ named Topic. I’m a feature on the song and it’s called “Perfect.” I’m just super proud of the song because it has such a beautiful message of loving yourself. As soon as I heard the record, it was a song I connected to it. It resonated with me on such a deep level because you know that everyone – every girl, every person no matter who you are – has felt insecure at some point. Having this song come out addressing those issues and having fans connect to this song on such a deep level just means so much. I have had so many fans tweeting me messages saying: “thank you” or “because of you and this song, it really inspired me to accept myself.” I think that’s something that’s just extraordinary and I’m so happy and so proud.

Being in the spotlights have you had moments where you feel self-doubt or times where you have to remind yourself that you can do this?

Oh yes. Oh my gosh! I definitely have my days. I have had my days where I am like: “I just don’t feel good enough today” or I don’t feel super confident. Which is why this song meant so much to me when I heard it. It just really spoke to me. Even in some of the happiest moments of my life I would have moments of self-doubt, listening to voices in my head or other people’s opinions. Sometimes you hear a million incredible positive opinions, but that one negative one will kind of hit you.

How do you get through those time when you’re experiencing self-doubt?

There are a lot of different things that I do. Sometimes I find it just helps having one of my best friends. I talk to him and he helps me get through it. Or sometimes my parents. I mean my parents are everything to me. I come from a big Mexican-American family and we are extremely close. So, I talk to them and they can help me feel better. Sometimes I just say a quick prayer. Just listening to music [gasps], oh that’s therapy to me. Or even watching a film helps me get into a better mood. I mean I’m also just thankful to have the love of fans, because sometimes I will look at their comments and one of those messages totally warms my heart.

Speaking of films and your fans, I heard you just did some acting on the show Famous In Love. What was that experience like?

It was so much fun. It was my first acting gig [laughs]. I was so excited. During the first moment when I got there, I met Pepi Sonuga and she was excited and happy to see me. She was so welcoming and such a big fan. We just hit it off. Romeo Miller was in my scene as well and he was just so nice. I found out he loves God and we were just talking about God basically. He’s so energetic and just cool. Just the whole crew and producers and everyone made me feel welcome. It was so much fun. It was a really cute quick scene in the episode (I don’t want to give too much away). I was so happy that was my first gig because it couldn’t have gone any better.

Does this mean that maybe we can expect to see more acting roles for you?

Uuum…we’ll see. I’m doing some auditions and we’ll just see what happens. Fingers crossed and prayers up! [laughs] Hopefully, yes.

You are so busy. What about dating? Does your career and working so much make it difficult to date or have you found a balance?

Oooh. Well..uuumm. You know it’s always good to have balance in everything and friendships or relationships with family. But, it’s definitely good to have someone who truly understands what I’m doing and what it comes with – like the schedule and constant changes is amazing. So, I guess I can say I have some friends [laughs] and I keep my friends close. I’m a lucky girl…I’ll just say that.

So, my last question for – we know you have a new single, but can we expect more Ally music?

Although the girls and I are doing solo projects and stuff right now we’re all focused on the group. You know we’re going on tour soon – to Asia and New Zealand. The girls and I have such a great relationship and we are so close. We all really support each other doing so many amazing things, but we all know that Fifth Harmony is home.  There’s just so much going on with the group right now.


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