Booboo Stewart may not be a household name, but chances are you’ve seen one of his movies or TV shows at some point. At 24 years-old, the young actor has an impressive resume. From blockbuster movies like the Twilight Saga and X-Men Days of Future Past to TV hits like Disney Channel’s Descendants series and movies, Booboo Stewart surely will not be flying under the radar for much longer.

I had a chance to sit down with Booboo and find out what makes him tick. Upon meeting, the first thing I noticed was how incredibly personable and kind he is. From the moment he entered the building he immediately became fast friends with the entire crew. Authentic and curious, he also happens to be an artist and true creator in every sense of the word. He paints, sculpts, animates, acts, sings, dances, does photography and builds furniture! And then there’s the hair…oh the hair. I have some serious hair envy.

COOL:  I recently discovered that you’re a consummate artist. You paint, do animation and photography, the list goes on. What propels you to create? What makes you say “I’m going to work on this project”?

STEWART: I think it’s just creating. I love creating. I think the mind is a muscle and you have to work the muscle just like other muscles. If you want to be a good at sports, you’d go train. If you want to get stronger you go to the gym. It’s the same thing with creating. So, I just try and create in any way possible.

COOL:  Do you ever see a time when you might take a pause from acting to focus on something else like music with your band Honey? – great band name by the way.

STEWART: I don’t know if I’d take a break from acting ‘cause that’s my true love [laughs]. I really love being on set. I love finding a character I can dive into. So, I don’t think I’d ever take a pause from it, but I love doing other stuff to help keep the creative process strong. People think that great ideas will just come to them out of nowhere. I think you work for them; you spit out a lot of ideas and eventually one great one will hit.

COOL:  You mentioned finding a character that you can really dive into. Of all your roles, which has been the one that has been the most challenging, but also the most rewarding?

STEWART: It’s a movie I filmed a little bit ago called The Grizzlies. I play a character named Kyle. It’s based on a true story about a group of Inuit students in a small town in the Artic with the highest suicide rate per capita in all of North America. This teacher comes along and starts a lacrosse program that really changes the town and really gave the town a life. I’m really excited to see it whenever it comes out. We actually shot in the Artic. I was out there and it was the most amazing time. The real Kyle was there with me for part of the filming. The real Ross (the teacher/lacrosse coach who brings Lacrosse to the students) was there too.

It was hard, oh my goodness [laughs]. Have you ever tried to play Lacrosse? I got hit in the neck with the ball. Those things are hard! They go at it. You can literally hit people with a stick – that’s a move! We were outside playing lacrosse in the snow, so it was really fun. Just an incredible experience with the whole cast. Miranda, our director, was just amazing, she’s beautiful, like the way she worked with the cast was awesome.

COOL:  What are you doing now while you wait for The Grizzlies to come out?

STEWART: I just got back from Mexico. I was on a mountaineer trip. I love camping and I love mountaineering and hiking. I climbed three volcanoes, one was over 18,000 ft.

I’m also making a lot of my own furniture and things like that. I wrapped the year with a few movies, so it’s been really nice.

COOL:  So with all the traveling and work, what does that mean for your love life?

STEWART: Obviously I think about it, but at the same time I don’t think about it. I’m just always doing something, I feel like if it happens, it happens if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I’m just really trying to explore myself and really get out in the world. Honestly, that’s my main focus right now is just creating seeing the world – finding my inner self. It’s really refreshing, I feel like I’m in control of myself, I really like that.

COOL:   What characteristics do you look for in the women you date?

STEWART: [laughs] Oh man, that is such a hard question. It’s hard to say. It sounds cheesy, but I find beauty in so many things. I need someone who shares similar interest, someone who’d appreciate me too. I don’t like it when I see my friends get into a relationship and then just stop doing things that they love doing. I don’t like that, and I’m afraid of that. So, I want someone who would drive me to better myself. And hopefully I would do that for her too.

COOL:  Last question, if you could have the power to read minds or fly, which one would you pick?

STEWART: You know my gut instinct is to say read minds, but at the same time I feel like it’s nice not having to know what other people are thinking. I think if I were able to read minds, it would end up driving me crazy, so I’m going to say fly. If I could read people’s minds I don’t think I’d ever be genuine with people because I would know what I would have to do to persuade them. I don’t think that’s a good—-I would become a villain. So, I would fly. I would fly to San Francisco.


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