Reimagining the Plank

What is the plank other than holding yourself in push-up position for one of the most boring exercises ever imagined, right? Nah bruh. In truth the plank is one of the best total body strengthening techniques around. When it comes to your mid-section, a solid, sustained plank is a testament of true strength. Done properly, planks are extremely challenging. People […]

Francky L’Official’s Secrets to Styling Success

Women aren’t the only ones working to maintain their looks. Men are building their arsenal of grooming products and seeking advice from pros. Celebrity hairstylist and MSA model Francky L’Official is busier than ever at Val More Salon on Madison Ave in New York City. He advises men on the best products and techniques for polishing their appearance. We caught up with Francky […]

Essential oils for the sexy man beast in you

Straight up, women love a man who smells good. Smelling good is a sign of health, vitality and virility. Good helps her decide if you are worthy of time and attention. And just so you know fellas, good is immeasurably enhanced by the use of natural botanicals in essential oils. This ain’t your granny’s potpourri. Essential oils are often overlooked […]

Sleep Hygiene

A number of years ago I began experiencing serious issues with my sleep, or lack thereof. Eventually it reached the point where three or four hours felt like resounding success. By day, I traded currency derivatives where the slightest error in judgement could cost me a small fortune. On top of this I was recently sober and in the midst […]

Celebrate with Champagne!

Champagne…the word alone elicits excitement and celebration! Whether for a wedding or New Year’s Eve, college graduation or special birthday, Champagne is a veritable party in a bottle. To be truly worthy of the label, Champagne must come from that magical region southwest of Paris known as Champagne. If the bubbly comes from anywhere else it is called sparkling wine, […]

Escaping Baldness with Scalp Micropigmentation

I was waiting in the lobby at Gerow Hair Ink to interview co-founder Jonathan Gerow about a treatment called Scalp Micropigmentation – known to get rid of the appearance of baldness. The phone was ringing off the hook, the lobby had three men waiting, and someone came from the back looking very happy about something as he thanked Jonathan and […]

The Real-Life Fitness Guy

How many days a week should I exercise? How do I eat right? How do I lose weight and gain muscle? How do I work out without REALLY working out? With over 15 years in the fitness industry, I’ve been asked all sorts of questions like these.  I’ve even asked some of the same questions myself and have run through […]

The Miami Beach Experience

Spectacular white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see with hundreds of colorful umbrellas perfectly aligned like a candy shop, as swimsuit models lay in the hot sun.  Turquoise blue water with gleaming Luxury resorts lining the entire coastline. Daytime pool parties packed full of beautiful people and vacationers ready to party and enjoy life to the fullest.  […]

Maldives: Otherworldly Paradise

Have you ever dreamed of diving into pure turquoise blue water from your private over water bungalow?  Could you imagine getting lost on a secluded island with crystal clear water gently lapping against you as you lay back into pure white sand? Travel to the opposite end of the earth to the most exclusive and spectacular tropical island paradise in […]