Rebecca Leveille and The End of Love

“I’m dealing with the stereotypes that are fed to us in pop culture, giving them back through a female awareness of how they affect us,” painter Rebecca Leveille tells me on a brisk, sunny afternoon from her studio in Amherst, MA. As a child Rebecca was obsessed with female super heroes. “I was a massive Wonder Woman fan,” she notes […]

Ally’s Deeper Meaning of Perfect

Ally Brook, best known as a member of female pop group Fifth Harmony, has been incredibly busy lately. From winning Lip Synch Battle versus her Fifth Harmony group mates to singing with Plácido Domingo and releasing a new single with DJ Topic earlier this year, Ally is showing no signs of slowing down. I was lucky enough to get some […]

The Transition from Model to Actor

Mike Press has been a model for eight years, and has been in prints ads, magazines and commercials throughout the world, but Mike has found a new love as an actor. Mike is setting trends with prolific roles expressing his flexibility, diversity and range. Exercising his emotional depth and synchronized affluent timing affords Mike full versatility with his craft. Over […]

Axel Roldos

Growing up in Trenton, New Jersey, actor Axel Roldos used film and television as a form of escape. After high school graduation, he saw an episode of “The Walking Dead” that changed his life forever. Watching the show, Axel realized that he was wasting his time working at a hotel and needed to pursue his passion to become an actor. […]

Trevor Stines Interview

So now you’re done filming the first season of Rivredale, what was it like? Yeah. I mean it’s been a fun ride man. I mean I can just see the fan response to the first season and kind of everybody is just kind of collective love for the show has been just such a rewarding experience for me. Any surprises? […]