Straight up, women love a man who smells good. Smelling good is a sign of health, vitality and virility. Good helps her decide if you are worthy of time and attention. And just so you know fellas, good is immeasurably enhanced by the use of natural botanicals in essential oils.

This ain’t your granny’s potpourri.

Essential oils are often overlooked by men as sweet and flowery and therefore more appropriate for the ladies. That is altogether wrong. Aside from the myriad noted health benefits, there are many sexy-inducing, masculine-smelling essential oils that tempt the imagination and invite a closer encounter. Essential oils have always been tied to sensuality, and for good reason: They effortlessly enhance erotic provocation.

Men have many options in the essential oil apothecary. Think of fresh forest walks, thick aromatic roots and rich smoky leathers blended together and anointed to your skin. It’s enough to make any lady (or gent) tingle with delight. A man’s smell can be positively toe-curling or truly vomit-inducing.

Full rapturous drop-your-pants-at-the-door perfumed ecstasy doesn’t come from synthetic scents found in commercial colognes, soaps, and other products. True aromatic transcendence comes from distillers (not science labs) who extract essences from flowers, roots, seeds, barks, saps, twigs, rinds, and leaves. The process is an ancient alchemical one that is equal parts magic and science.

If you’re new to essential oils, start with a base note such as sandalwood. Sandalwood marries beautifully with a man’s natural scent; it is deep, rich, sultry and warming without being overpowering. Use sandalwood under your armpits in place of deodorants or antiperspirants. It will help mitigate undesirable aromas. More interestingly, it mixes and marries with your own underarm scent to create something as unique and inviting as you.

Some easy ways to use essential oils include: 1 drop on your hands and rubbed through your hair, 1-3 drops in the bath, 1 drop in unscented natural cream after the bath, 1-3 drops in 1 oz of neutral carrier oil (jojoba, coconut oil, sandalwood nut oil) and used in massage, 1 drop on the pulse points and chakras, 1-3 drops in an atomizer, 1-5 drops in soapy mop water then wash the floors, and the list goes on and on.

Essential oils are power provocateurs and to assume that is just for ladies is limiting. One drop of a pure essential oil in the correct location will have her eating out of the palm of your hand and moaning for more.

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Elana Millman is the Founder and Chief Alchemist at Sacred Leaf Inc. and the author of Aromatherapy for Sensual Living.

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