The Cool America team discovered Ralph Behk suits on Instagram (@ralph_behk) where we were immediately drawn to his use of bold patterns, fresh designs and sophisticated style. “Each suit has it’s own name because each one has it’s own personality,” Ralph told me recently at his Madison Avenue office in Manhattan while showing off his latest collection of suits, jackets and formal wear. “Ralph Behk is all about exuding confidence and success.”

Architecturally inspired, Ralph’s collection features some surprising fabrics like velvet, Italian cashmere and wool/bamboo/silk blends that you won’t see in other brands. “I like to use fabrics you wouldn’t normally see on a ready to wear suit, something that’s different and unique, but still wearable. I think it’s really important to maintain that practical, wearable factor.”

Quality is another key ingredient in each Ralph Behk garment. “Tailoring has to be on pointe and quality has to be superior. Fabrics are sourced from the finest mills in Italy and everything is hand stitched in Brooklyn by legendary tailor Martin Greenfield” (who also fashions suits for DKNY and Rag & Bone). In fact, it takes over 100 expert sewers, cutters and pressers to tailor one Ralph Behk garment. “I want guys to feel like they are getting a good investment.”

A made-to-measure suit will run $2500 – $3500 and up, depending on fabric, and will take about 4 weeks from fitting to completed suit, with rush service available. You can request to be #BehkedOut (measured for a garment) on his website. Ralph will measure you at his Madison Avenue office or he will come to you. Another perk of his service is that he will “complete your look” with a complimentary styling session.

Currently his suits are only available through his website, but Ralph has teamed up with Garmany, the upscale men’s retailer in Red Bank, New Jersey, who will feature his made-to-measure and formal wear lines, along with an exclusive ready-to-wear line. “It’s a fabulous store and one that I have always aspired to one day get into, so it’s really an honor.”

When asked about his vision for his brand, Ralph replied “I would like to see Ralph Behk stores all over the world, in Milan, Paris, London, Dubai.” We at Cool America would like to see that too!


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