You’re flipping through pages, scrolling through screens, alternately throwing admiration and hate on all the chiseled man-flesh on display. There are ripped abs, pecs of steel and bulging biceps everywhere. You think to yourself “I work out, I can do that. These dudes are no better than me. I got this.”

So you get up do some jumping jacks and a few elementary school sit ups and then sit back on that couch and start flipping pages again. You think to yourself… “Man… this is gonna take forever!” The truth is: Your life is all the forever that you get and that forever starts right now! In as little as 16 weeks you can change your body and have the summer bod you’ve always wanted. It takes a lot longer than that to get a degree.

Question is: How BAD do you want that body? Seriously… is it a mere dream, or is it something you have decided? If you are making a decision to get ripped than let’s get a few things straight; the models in magazines put in some serious, hard-core work, not only in the gym, but in the kitchen too. They are serious about their bodies. So if you really want in…

Step 1: GET SERIOUS. If you want to get even remotely close to as jacked as these guys by summer then you have to make a DECISION to do it NOW! This is going to take time. There is no magic pill or surgery that gets you real-life jacked.

Step 2: GET REAL. If you are at the 40% body fat range, it might be a challenge to shed 30% of that to get down to the 10% and under body fat range in 16 weeks, but I have seen it done. Shooting for a 30-50% drop in your current body fat percentage is very obtainable in 12-16 weeks.It all really depends on how much you want it to happen. So… how bad do you want it? Be honest with yourself. There is nothing you can’t do once you have razor sharp focus.

Step 3. GET A JOURNAL. Write every single thing down. EVERYTHING. Every exercise movement, how much weight you lifted, how many reps, what time of day, how long your session went, what you ate, if you had sex, how much water you drank, if you slipped up and had fucked up food, if you missed a session, if you went for a walk, your heart rates … EVERYTHING! This keeps you accountable, plus you can trend what is and what is not working.

Step 4: NO ALCOHOL. None. Just don’t drink bro. You said you wanted this right? Sixteen weeks. Alcohol slows everything the down: Muscle growth, fat burn, injury repair and everything else that is not vital takes the back seat when toxins are introduced into the body. Guess what alcohol is… A toxin. DON’T DRINK.

Step 5. GET HELP. If you don’t know what you are doing as far as basic movement and eating is concerned, get help. It is worth it to pay someone who knows what they are doing to help you on your way, even for a brief stint. It is better to get help and not be lost in the wilderness. Especially if you are a novice and you want to get shredded. As a novice it is going to be beyond challenging to get magazine shredded in 3-4 months.

Step 6. MOVE YOUR ASS. I put together a killer routine that includes strength, endurance and Cardio. (Yes you need cardio). Remember it’s a suggestion. Follow the plan as suggested and get MAGAZINE SHREDDED. This is a plan for people with intermediate to advanced workout experience that want to push their bodies to shredded-magazine-guy levels. Get clearance from your doctor and let’s go!

If you wanna get jacked, you gotta make time to get jacked. This plan includes two workouts per day: Morning cardio and daily push-ups/squats and evening Strength and Endurance workouts, six days-a-week.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
AM Cardio AM Cardio AM Cardio AM Cardio AM Cardio AM Cardio Rest Day
AM 50 Push Ups AM 100 Squats AM 50 Push Ups AM 100 Squats Am 50  Push Ups AM 100 Squats
PM Strength

Chest and Back

30-minute Endurance


PM Strength Legs 30-minute Endurance


PM Strength

Arms and Shoulders

30-minute Endurance


9-Minute Abs 9-Minute Abs 9-Minute Abs 9-Minute Abs 9-Minute Abs 9-Minute Abs

Cardio Plus push ups or squats is done every morning. Six days a week. As soon as you get up. Solid interval cardio. 30 seconds moderate to high intensity and then slow it down for 30 seconds. Keep it going. Get a heart rate monitor, go   online and find out what your target heart rate should be for cardio. Get your heart rate up to that range and keep it there for 30 minutes. Then follow it immediately with 50 push ups (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) or 100 squats (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).

Strength Days. To keep it easy. All you will need is your body and a few pairs of dumbbells or resistance bands. Each exercise is to be done for the maximum amount of reps that you can do with awesome form. My suggestion when using weights/resistance, choose moderate weights. Heavy may help you put on size but you are going for ripped not huge. So let’s use moderate weight and shoot for 10-15 reps. (unless you are doing body weight then it is max reps with excellent form. If your form is sour, then stop. Only super clean reps. Three sets per movement. One minute maximum in between sets. One minute before moving on to the next exercise.

**Remember, if you lifting weighted objects are going up to 15 reps with ease, it might be time to increase the weight or slow down your reps. **

Chest and Back

  1. Standard Push Ups: Yup even though you may have done push ups in the morning, you will be doing them again. It is chest day after all. Remember… you want a chiseled chest. Get chiseling! No more than one minute in between sets.: Max reps.
  2. Standard Pull Ups. Maximum reps on these. If you are struggling, get some heavy duty resistance bands for the assist or rent a buddy to spot you.
  3. Military Push Ups: These activate a whole lot of triceps while getting into that chest some more. Remember to keep your elbows locked in. Max Reps.
  4. Single arm dumbbell rows: These are often done with the intent of lifting heavy objects. Remember, it is not about the amount of weight but the quality of the contraction. Right arm then left arm back to back.
  5. Decline Push Ups: Put your feet up on that sofa and let’s get the lower part of that chest defined. Max Reps
  6. Bent over dumbbell row. Keep that back straight. No momentum. Controlled reps. If you need to rock or use momentum, the weights are too heavy. Let your pride go and let the ripped muscle come in!


  1. Dumbbell Squats. If you can go past 15-20 of these, SLOW DOWN. Make sure your form is impeccable. If you have difficulty keeping solid form then drop the weights down a few pounds to find your zone.
  2. Single Leg Lunge Squat. Remember… BACK is hip over knee, FRONT is knee over ankle. The work is in the back leg. Front leg is stability. SLOW and controlled. Add dumbbells if 15 reps per leg is easy with impeccable form. One leg then right to the other, then 1 minute break and repeat.
  3. Sumo Squats. Same rules apply as the dumbbell squats.
  4. Curtsy Squat. Add dumbbells if 15 reps per leg is easy with impeccable form. One leg then right to the other, then 1 minute break and repeat.
  5. Single Leg Deadlift.
  6. Calf Raise Squat.

Shoulders and Arms

  1. Alternating Biceps Curl. Remember… Enough weight that you are really feeling it by the time rep 10 comes around. Slow and controlled. If you are using momentum or using the rest of your body to do the curls, the weight is too heavy. Focus on contracting your biceps as opposed to lifting the dumbbells.
  2. Triceps Dips. You can do this on the floor or us a chair. The higher your pelvis, the more challenging they are. If you need even more, lift one leg off the ground.
  3. Anterior Shoulder Raise. Remember to focus on the contraction, NOT the object you are lifting.
  4. Pronated Grip Double Biceps curls. The pals of your hands should be facing down.
  5. Behind-The-Head Single Arm Triceps Extension.
  6. Lateral Shoulder Raise.
  7. Shoulder Shrugs.

9-Minute Abs

Set your timer for 18 intervals of 30 seconds each.

5 moves. 30 Seconds each. Rest 30 seconds and repeat the sequence for a total of three rounds. These are pretty standard movements but the combo is killer. Extend the last plank and hold for an entire minute to make it a full 9 minutes!

  1. Basic Crunch
  2. Bicycles
  3. V-Ups
  4. Flutter Kicks
  5. Plank

So there you have it. It’s all laid out for you. All you have to do… is do it! There is nothing that you can’t do, that includes being Magazine-Shredded. If you really want it, you can do it. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up in a magazine somewhere! When you do, hit me up and let me know so I can tell all my friends!

If you need help with eating, I suggest that you hire a reputable local professional. It is so worth the investment. You are always welcome to get in touch with me to help straighten your situation out too. Best of luck!

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