Mike Press has been a model for eight years, and has been in prints ads, magazines and commercials throughout the world, but Mike has found a new love as an actor.

Mike is setting trends with prolific roles expressing his flexibility, diversity and range. Exercising his emotional depth and synchronized affluent timing affords Mike full versatility with his craft.

Over the course of 2017 Mike was in five theatrical productions ranging from musicals to Shakespeare. His finest moment of acting came this past summer working with director Pitr Strait in a production of Hamlet in Central Park. Press went into deep research with vocal and speech training for the role. “I found a true love for Shakespeare and a better understanding of the language. As an actor it was my job to tell a story that can be clear regardless of the time period that the text was written in.”

At the end of 2017 Mike was truly humbled when he landed the lead role in August Wilson’s Radio Golf as Harmond Wikes. “Radio Golf was an experience I won’t forget. I had no idea the stamina that you need as a lead, and the support that you need from the cast. It was a great opportunity that I am grateful for, and through the experience I learned a lot about myself and my deep love for acting.”

Photography by: Justin McManus


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