So now you’re done filming the first season of Rivredale, what was it like?

Yeah. I mean it’s been a fun ride man. I mean I can just see the fan response to the first season and kind of everybody is just kind of collective love for the show has been just such a rewarding experience for me.

Any surprises? Was there anything you didn’t expect or wasn’t what you thought it would be? Even just in regards to being on the series then suddenly getting so popular.

Just the intensity of the fan response. I knew people were going to like the show because it’s quality, but just seeing how we everybody just dedicated themselves to a show. It’s been amazing to watch. That’s something I didn’t expect necessarily was just how much and how intensely. People loved the show. They will reach out and tell me what they like about it and how much it means to them and it’s just so nice. It’s just incited this response, a collective response in its fan base that is kind of magical.

So now that the show has aired and people recognize you, are people like “Hey Jason! I have some news for you?” or do people actually call you Trevor when they meet you?

Actually just the other day I was walking down the street and cross paths with this young woman. She started and was like “Oh Jason!” I was like “Hi. My name is Trevor. It’s nice to meet you.” I think it’s just easier for people to meet Jason because that’s how they know me and that’s what I’m getting recognized.

Is being recognized still weird for you or is it becoming more normal?

Still I don’t think the effect of it is ever going to wear off. It’s still an incredibly flattering thing to be able to meet and interact with fans and people who care about me care about the show. You know it’s just amazing because I get to see the immediate effect of my work and the happiness that it brings people. Getting to take part in that and see it with my own eyes when I meet a fan and get to take pictures and shake hands and give hugs. I feel like that’s why I do this. So this was kind of like it was a big step.

What do you want to do next? Do you have your eye set on anything like directing, doing more dramatic roles? What’s next for Trevor?

There’s so much that I want to do. I feel like any actor when they get into this business they are opening themselves up to an entire world of different possibilities. I’ve always said from the beginning of my career, ever since I was a kid that I wanted to be a superhero – and you know superheroes are a hot ticket thing right now. I would love to be able to work on any kind of superhero or comic book related project because I’m just such a huge nerd like that.

Do we see Spider-Man in your future?

Hey, I think Tom Holland is doing a great job, but I’d be glad to step in for a little bit. They recast Spider-Man all the time.

But seriously, really any anything that is interesting and grounded for me I would love to take part in. There are so many possible projects out there that I would love to sink my teeth into.

A lot of actors like doing work for the web and some of them blow up with some really good stuff, have you started to turn your eyes in that direction too?

Actually, there is an emergence of really well done web series. I actually recently worked on a CW Seed project called I Ship It. They’re doing their second season and I just had a small part in that, but it was a lot of fun. I mean that was a great set and a great cast.

Interesting… I Ship It is a musical show. Did you sing at all?

Thankfully I did not sing. I think that’s why I had the role that I did. I sung for my audition. and I think they were like “Yeah… OK, so maybe not. We’ll just put him elsewhere.” Ha! Not really, but that show was tons of fun.

I think online with the emergence of new streaming services – new things like YouTube Red and Awesomeness TV, they’re really cornering that market on new media web series that are well done and well produced. I think it’s opening a lot of options for actors and young actors.

So five years from now, where are we going to see you? What is Trevor Stines going to be doing in five years?

I hope that in five years I’m just still getting to do this thing that I love to do. I hope that I’m still just lucky enough to have opportunities to work with really talented people and spread love and joy to people through my work.

I just want to be able to tell stories for as long as they can. I know that’s kind of a vague answer, but I don’t want to be like “I’ll be walking the red carpet to the Oscars.” Everybody’s got to go at their own pace and I’m working with mine. So we’ll see where it takes me.

Well hopefully we’ll get to do this again. I hope it will become like a yearly thing. We’ll check in with you and see where you are.

Amazing yeah. Definitely.

So, don’t get too big for us!

Never. That would never happen. I have way too much fun with it.


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