Reimagining the Plank

What is the plank other than holding yourself in push-up position for one of the most boring exercises ever imagined, right? Nah bruh. In truth the plank is one of the best total body strengthening techniques around. When it comes to your mid-section, a solid, sustained plank is a testament of true strength. Done properly, planks are extremely challenging. People […]

Francky L’Official’s Secrets to Styling Success

Women aren’t the only ones working to maintain their looks. Men are building their arsenal of grooming products and seeking advice from pros. Celebrity hairstylist and MSA model Francky L’Official is busier than ever at Val More Salon on Madison Ave in New York City. He advises men on the best products and techniques for polishing their appearance. We caught up with Francky […]

Essential oils for the sexy man beast in you

Straight up, women love a man who smells good. Smelling good is a sign of health, vitality and virility. Good helps her decide if you are worthy of time and attention. And just so you know fellas, good is immeasurably enhanced by the use of natural botanicals in essential oils. This ain’t your granny’s potpourri. Essential oils are often overlooked […]

Young Paris Interview

Young Paris, the stage moniker for the French-born Congolese rapper/musician/model Milandou Badila, is on fire. Last year, he was signed to Jay’s Z’s Roc Nation label, which boasts talent such as Rihanna, Big Sean and Lil Wayne. Paris also dropped two (yes, two) albums, African Vogue in 2016 and Afrobeats in 2017, and is about to release a third EP, […]

Joseph Abboud Interview

“My goal [is] to elevate American men in a global world of fashion,”Joseph Abboud said one recent steamy summer afternoon. And by all accounts the fashion icon and designer has done just that. His brand, Joseph Abboud, marked its 30th year in the fashion industry in January. But, if you think Mr. Abboud’s lifetime in fashion has always been an […]

Anik Khan

Anik Khan is seeing his hard work pay off. Six years ago, the Queens-based “rapper next door,” gave himself a year and a half to essentially make it or break it in the music business. Although he had some big successes in that time, “things didn’t start really being steady until last year,” he confided recently during his photo shoot […]

The Bad Guy You’ll Absolutely Love

Paul Mann loves to be bad. I mean on TV of course. The Russian born, former US Army paratrooper turned actor is returning for a second season on the hit TNT series Claws. His character, Boris, who appears halfway through season one, is a brutal, trigger happy henchman for the Russian mafia. Paul may have the military and martial arts […]